Play the songs you love on the piano in a matter of days, not years

Do you see yourself passing by any piano, sitting at the keyboard and start playing a song?

Take the first step towards your dream with the Piano Quickstarter

This could be you very soon!

Play songs you love, not book exercises

No unnecessary theory or boring exercises for weeks... to end up learning a song for children!

You have probably read and heard lots of advices from friends, family or online.

Among these, you certainly got a few stating that you have to learn how to read music sheets, practice all sorts of exercises, learn tons of music theory before playing a song.  
Well, this is not how it works here.  

No musical notation, no complicated theory.
And no need to wait weeks before playing a nice song.  

You could get there in a few days!

After this course, you will be able to:

Understand and play chords on the piano

Chords are the basis of most of the songs, once you will have learn how to play them, you will gain a lot of freedom to play what you love.
You will get a strong foundation on the piano and in music in general.

Play a beautiful song entirely

You will learn step by step how to play a famous song with a beautiful version adapted to piano beginner.
Not like many YouTube tutorials that don't actually show you how to play a song.

Unlock 1000s of songs and impress your fans!

With your new knowledge, you will be able to learn thousands of songs and impress your family and friends or even the public when you sit on the piano and play so many famous songs.

Play from day one,
don't wait to have fun!

I don't want you to fall asleep by boredom on your piano!

Have you ever wondered why we say "play" the piano?

Because it has to be fun!

Almost everybody forgets that.
Playing an instrument should not start by repeating tedious and soulless exercises.

Like children learn by playing, you get to play from the start to learn the piano.

In this course, you will take a direct and joyful path to learn. And you will play from the start.
No reason to wait months to have fun on your instrument.

 THe Piano Quickstarter WILL help YOU live your dream

With these simple steps, you will know how to play your favorite songs on the piano

Know your keyboard

You will get familiar with your keyboard and make 88 new friends!
But more than that, you will start to play from day 1!

Learn the foundation of most songs

Learn the chords on which most of the songs are built and unlock 1000s of songs.

Play a beautiful song in full

You will be guided step by step to learn how to play a beautiful pop song.
You will be able to accompany yourself, a singer, or make your fans sing along!

Unlock 1000s of songs

You don't want to be able to play only one song after months of learning the piano.
Unlock thousands of songs to build up the repertoire you dream of.

Trust what people like you (and happy customers!) say about this course

 "A very comprehensive course. 
Ideal for a beginner piano learner.
Frank is always at the other end of your email." 

Hari W. - Student

What's inside?

Module 1: Get familiar with the keyboard

In this introduction, you will learn how to sit at the piano, place your hands correctly, what are the different keys and start to play your first notes!

After this module...

You will be familiar with the keyboad, how to be comfortable on your piano and confident to play notes on all the keys.
You will be able to have fun on any piano right away!

Module 2: play chords on the piano

You may not know yet what is a chord, but you will love them! They are one of the most powerful tool you need to play the piano and they sound good even by themselves.

After this module...

You will be familiar with the keyboad, how to be comfortable on your piano and confident to play notes on all the keys.
You will be able to have fun on any piano right away!

Module 3: play chord progressions

One chord is nice, but why not play several chords in sequence? This is called a chord progression and it is the basis of most of the songs.

After this module...

You will be familiar with a famous chord progression used in hundreds of songs. You will feel like you already know how to play the piano, and you will be right!

Module 4: play with both hands

You have two hands, it is time to spice up your chords and play those beautiful accompaniments you dream of playing.

After this module...

You will know how to add bass note with your left hand to enrich the chords you will play with the right hand. You will also be able add a bit of spice with simple rhythms.

Module 5: Play a full song

In this module, you will bring all you have learned together and play a beautiful famous song in its entirety.

After this module...

You will know how to apply your know to play a full song. You will be able to sing along or accompany anyone with a chord sheet including the lyrics.

Module 6: Play more songs

With this module, you will learn how you can unlock thousands of songs (actually more hundreds of thousands) and feel the freedom of playing the song you love and build your repertoire. Think about the next party where you could be entertaining and make sing everybody!

After this module...

You will know how to find the chord sheets for the songs that you want to play next. You will also know how to use them to create a beautiful accompaniment.

If you are curious to know what is inside each module,
have a look to the detailed curriculum


23 lessons

You will get good foundations on the piano thanks to detailed explanations 


12 videos

You will see thanks to many videos how to do each step


Downloads and bonuses

You will get access to exclusive content to  help you  learn, even offline.


An exclusive community

You will be part of our exclusive community to exchange with me and other students.


The course curriculum

Course Pricing

For the price of a single piano lesson, you get much more!
And you can make the teacher (me) repeat the lessons as many times as you need 😄

 In top of that, you get to ask me questions at any step of the course.
And you can pop in the community chat to get help as well or just share your progress.

So, what are you waiting for?

Why should you choose this course?

You already tried that book full of songs you don't want to play, boring exercises. You also tried a few YouTube tutorials, but it wasn't clear how to put what finger where!

You can change that and start on the right path to play the songs you love, using the right techniques.

You will learn how to play a full song in a few days.

On top of that, you will have a chance to ask me any question you may have while taking these lessons.

You won’t be alone anymore in front of your keyboard trying to figure out what to do next.

This is my promise.

A 365-day money-back guarantee
(no it is not a typo!) 

Let me think about it for a moment… 

This course can be done in a few days or a few weeks depending on the time you dedicate to it. It would make sense to give a 30-day money back guarantee, right?  

But what if you don’t start right now?
You may have many things to do and decide to start later.
I don’t want you to feel under pressure.  

So, what about a 365-day guarantee?   Sounds good to you?  
There you go then!  

If in the next 365 days (that’s a lot of days), you are not happy with it, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.  

This means no risk for you, all risks for me!  

Where is the catch?
No catch. I know that it will help you.
And if it doesn’t, why should you pay for it?


The first module is there to teach you how to get started even if you never touched a piano before.

If you already know how to play chords, basslines and how to use chord sheet (lead sheets), you won't learn so much.
But if like me you took lessons for years studying classical music in a traditional way, you will love that. Just skip what you know and dive into the new world that will open up for you.
I feel like I play another instrument since I discovered what I teach you in this course.

Don't worry, you are not alone.
You can start a discussion in each lesson, join the private chat or send me an email. I will help you reach the next step in your progression.

Well at least you gave it a try, congrats!
Just ask me for a refund and go learn the guitar (I can help you with this as well), or something else that you like better :)