You want to play more songs on the piano, play better, more difficult pieces, with more confidence? 

Let me show you the formula for building a regular practice routine that gets results, starting today!

You are so frustrated by your progress on the piano that you almost want to cry at night.

But you keep skipping practice so often that you don't see the day when you will be able to finally play the songs you love.

You're so busy.

But you see other "busy" people succeeding, and you don't understand how they manage to make so much progress.

Thus, you wonder what is wrong with you.

You may even start to think that you are kind of loser, incapable of achieving your (musical) goals?

I know how it feels because I was there too.
Before I found the solution, after years of struggle.

Now I want to share this solution with you!

The Unstoppable Piano Practice Framework will help you to :
     - chase away the frustration of not making progress
     - give you a complete control on your practice.

You will really become unstoppable!

This is how regular was my practice before I use this system... and now!

Practice tracker before and with the Unstoppable Piano Practice Framework
Note: this is the actual practice tracker included in the Unstoppable Piano Practice Framework, with the indication of the duration of the session.

This is how efficient this system is!
And this is how YOUR practice can be, starting now.

How can it be possible?

Let me tell you a secret: there is nothing wrong with you!

Let's repeat that again because I feel that you don't believe me yet...

There is nothing wrong with you

You see the days passing and you don’t practice.
Or at least not often.  

Not enough to go to the end of this song you really want to play.
Not enough to reach the goals you have, to achieve your dream.  

Maybe you see your friends or piano mates going much faster. Or simply this girl on YouTube playing a super difficult piece with ease.  

You compare yourself to them, to her and you think that they succeed because they have…  

- More willpower?
- A better organization?
- Less other things to do?  
- More talent?
- All the above?
(Pick your choice)    
A least, they have something you don't have. They are different.

That's what you believe.
Because you, you can't do this.

Oh you tried and tried again.
But you seem to be trapped in an infinite loop of start and stop, without any idea how to escape.    

The result is that you blame yourself for not succeeding.

And you are very frustrated.

I know how it feels because I was there.

Always wanting to play the piano.
Always failing to do it regularly, and feel the pain of not making real progress.  

I still feel this pain while I am sitting there, writing these words.
My heart is squeezing just thinking about that.

The (very) good news is that I finally found a solution after all these years wasted.  

So there is nothing wrong with you. 
Absolutely nothing!  

There is something wrong with the way you approach your practice.  

You need a system.    

That's why I created the Unstoppable Piano Practice Framework.

 A system that I want to share with you because I want to relieve you from this deep frustration that you are feeling right now.

how does it work?

How does it work?

  • You will first understand why you fail at practicing regularly. 
  • You will prepare your mind and your environment to make your practice easy
  •  You will choose exactly what you want to achieve on the piano 
  • You will set new habits that last (not just 3 days like New Year resolutions!) 
  • You will keep track of what you learn and how you practice 
  • You will learn how to adjust your practice to your real (busy!) life.

The Unstoppable Piano Practice Framework is not a list of advice you would read anywhere on the web or a collection of motivational quotes you get on your Instagram!  

This is a complete and actionable system designed to integrate your practice in your everyday life.
If you follow what I teach, you will be able to practice as regularly as you wish.

You will even find it hard NOT to practice!

I couldn't believe it when it happened to me the first time.
Quite a reversal of situation!

No more frustration but the delightful feeling of making progress regularly.

The peaceful and powerful feeling of knowing that now, nothing will stop you to achieve your musical dreams!

Stop being frustrated by your lack of progress
and become unstoppable on the piano

Course Curriculum


Productivity tips for your practice

Make the most out of your time,  deal with procrastination and even learn how to practice without a piano!

An exclusive community

You won't be alone anymore

You will be part of a private community where you will be able to share your journey, your questions and interact with me and the other students.

There will be discussions, tips, or even challenges to help you get make this change in your life.

A good recipe for success!

Of course, you can also just read and learn if you don't want to participate.
It a freedom zone :)

The Secret Bonus

Maybe the most important thing you will get out of this course.

  I will keep it secret because I want you to keep it for yourself (our little secret if you wish).
But I know that it will help you A LOT.    
And who doesn’t like a (good) surprise?

Success is not about talent,
it is about how you learn and how consistent you are

WITHOUT a practice system

You let your ancient brain decide for you.

It won’t like to make the effort to practice the piano for a distant reward that it can’t really see for now.

You will continue to loop between bursts of practice and almost no practice at all for days or weeks.
Your goals will remain far and seem out of reach.

I was like that. For years.

Realizing every Sunday night how little I had practiced during the week (if not at all).
Frustrated, angry about myself, and even ashamed by my lack of willpower.

The next week, I started over.
“This time it will work”.

I started to practice full of energy.

To give up two days after.

Because when you do the same things, you get the same results.

Thus, I failed again. As expected.

That’s when my self-esteem started to go down. Lower and lower.

And I couldn’t see myself as a musician.
A musician plays music and practice, right?

That wasn’t me.

With a practice system

But with a consistent practice, I could see the difference.

I started to see progress. Much faster.
A better technique, more songs in my repertoire.  

My mind stayed clear and focused on my goals. Every week.  

I could have a satisfying look at my weekly practice.
Seeing all these checked boxes and green rectangles made me feel good (You will see what I am talking when you get inside the course).  

I left no more excuses for my brain to avoid this effort. It felt so natural, a part of my daily routine to go to the piano and practice.

Something I didn’t want to finish my day without.

 Going from forcing myself to practice to feeling that I missed it if I didn’t do it was quite a change.   And I felt much more fulfilled.  

But there was more to it.  
I felt like a musician.  
What I mean is that music was now a full part of my life. Every day.

It wasn’t some sort of occasional hobby that I sometimes did on the side when I got some free time.   Nothing wrong with that of course, but it is not what I wanted.

And if you are still reading this, I bet that it is not what you want.
We are musicians and practicing our instrument should be part of our lifestyle.  

You want to be an Artist, thus you have to live like an Artist. And your relatives will see that you are serious about that. They will stop seeing you as an occasional ivory-tickler.  

This is a change I made through regular practice.  
This is a change you can now achieve yourself, faster and more easily with the Unstoppable Piano Practice Framework.  

Of course, you can figure it out by yourself as I did.   But I want to save you years of struggle and frustration.  

Why would you punish yourself when you are not guilty?  It is not your fault.

You need the right tools and the right system.

This is what I propose you to get here.

What happy customers say about this course

Don't just listen to me, read what students have to say about this system

"It is a great motivational piece. While I don’t have a one on one instructor, you are that person and you are providing me with tools and the motivation to use them"

- Nanci N.

"It's definitely motivated me to form a proper set daily routine instead of just jumping on when I get a chance "

- Emma L.

"Course beyond the traditional course. Hints and advices from life, useful tips and many more... That's what I look for when I want a real "course" - not just a technique or scale lesson. "

- Martin W.

So what do you want to do now?

I would have loved to be able to practice regularly years ago…  

I would now be playing the piano at quite a higher level.
Not to mention the size of my repertoire!

I needed to go through all these failures to create this system.  

Luckily, you won’t have to live this anymore and be frustrated again.  
But you get to take a decision now.  

There are three choices you can make:
  1. You don’t want to change anything.
  2. You want to try to do it your own way. It will probably take a lot of time of researching how to improve, experimenting the different ways (as I did). And you take the risk of being trapped again in this frustrating loop.
  3. Or you let me do the work for you and give you the right tools right now. You truly decide to become better at your instrument from today, become a better musician, and learn more songs than ever!

How much for starting making more progress than ever?

A 365-day money-back guarantee

Let me think about it a moment… 

Since it is designed to help you for 365 days…. 
What about a 365-day guarantee? 

Sounds good to you? 
Here you go then! 

If in the next 365 days (that’s a lot of days), you are not happy with it, you will get a full refund, no questions asked. 

This means no risk for you, all risks for me.

Where is the catch? No catch. I know that it will help you.

And if it doesn’t, I don’t want your money.